Verry Merry UnBirthday

Glitter Pills NeckLace


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  • Pastel Pink Cotton atop
  • Pastel Violet Cotton atop

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I've whipped up a rainbow of glitter pills in my magickal laboratory! *Wink*wink! Here is the first of my Swoon Moon Apothecary collection.

These small glass bottles are brimming with hand filled glitter pills in an array of hued shades. They're intended to make you smile! Let's pretend they'll sparkle all of our troubles away! They are completely faux and decorative only, therefore unintended to be opened or consumed. Although I doubt consumption would harm you, let's just admire them behind the glass as a delightful adornment.

The glass bottles are 3x1 inches (metric: 7x3cm). They'll rest on your d├ęcolletage with a white coated ball chain which is 28 inches in length (metric: 71cm)

Some are sealed atop with pastel pink cotton and some with pastel violet cotton.