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Custom Pet Necklace

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This is the most precious necklace I've made thus far. It is very dear to me because I love my little pootch more than words could ever express! I would LOVE to craft you a custom pet necklace. The necklace I will craft is made using stainless steel wire to string the glass beads. I use lead free solder to craft the glass dome pendant. The top and bottom bails are formed using sterling silver wire. The darling, little bone charm and heart shaped clasp are also sterling silver. The charm wings are zinc alloy. More closeup images are viewable on my Instagram account. A link is found below by scrolling downward.

The following is what I need to customize your necklace. It is lengthy, however ensures a wonderful outcome:

✓ A beloved frontal image of your pet's head and part of their neck as shown, which you'll email to me

✓ A photo of your pet's stamped paw if your pet's actual paw size does not fit within the dimensions of the glass oval which are 1 1/2"x 1 1/8". If you have a small pet like mine, I'll be able to use the original paw print you stamp. All you must do is snail mail it to me. You'll need to experiment with a choice colored stamp pad to capture the best print you're able. The brand, "Color Box", archival ink pads have the richest, most beautiful shades of ink in my opinion. Please ensure the ink color you choose matches the shades which will cascade the entirety of your necklace. If your pet's paw is larger than 1 1/2"x 1 1/8" then you have two options which are as follows:
✂ You may take a photo of your paw print and email it to me, in which case I will shrink to fit. If you are open to wearing a larger pendant I will work with you to find another size. I have 2"x 2" circle and square glass bevels which are very attractive also. If you happen to be a bodacious soul who flaunts larger statement pieces I could enlarge your pendant further. There are lots of options. I'm easy to work with and relish in creating novel, unique items.

✓ A message to me including your choice color(s) for the glass beadery as well as the necklace length you desire. When considering a length, do keep in mind the length of the pendant as to where it shall rest on your décolletage. Any beaded strand longer than 24" will cost extra. When you have chosen a length, DO NOT include the length of the pendant within your measurement; simply message me only the length of the strand you need. I prefer for my pendant to rest high on my chest however it's completely up to you!

✓ You'll also need to message me the color you wish your glass heart to be. This color will also be used to shade the font I will type your pet's name in beneath their embedded image. Ensure this color is a perfect marriage with the shades of your beads. I highly recommend for your heart bead color to match the color(s) in your beads.

I will spin my ImaginOcean especially for you to create a gorgeous soldered pendant necklace to honor your beloved, Four Footed Lover! It would be an honor to craft for fellow dog and cat owners and more! I simply love animals and cherish making things which mirror their spirit and joy!

*I chose stainless steel wire for the chain because it does not tarnish nor oxidize, enabling it to last longer than other metals. High quality stainless steel has high resistance to rust and corrosion which requires minimal maintenance. Stainless steel is one of the most bio-compatible metals, making it amazingly hypoallergenic because of its anti-allergic properties. Lastly, it is one of the strongest of all jewelry metals available.

*None of the display items are included in the listing. The listing is solely for the necklace & pendant.

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